Happy and joyful


din codrul de-argint..

Happiness is.. having ice-cream for breakfast.

Bliss is.. sharing your breakfast ice-cream with somebody you love.


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The Unromantic Romance



All my life, I have been a romantic. Not in the “love” sense, but in the way I expect big moments to be. I want everything to be artistic, I want everything to be exquisite. Like walking onto the cold Oregon Coast sand, taking pause right before jumping into the icy water. Like looking out as far as my eyes can see, and feeling the waves of wonder pushing against my body. Or like hiking through an untouched forest, waiting for the fairies to begin playing with my hair. I spent a lot of time alone as a child, building up my imagination as my best friend. I guess maybe that’s why I have an amorous expectation of the world, hoping that when a big moment happens, I will know it’s right by the way my body tingles.

But that’s not really how it always works. Sometimes, the big moments…

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